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VERMICULAR 10.2in with Glass Lid - Walnut

VERMICULAR 10.2in with Glass Lid - Walnut

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Vermicular pans are covered with enamel. There is no need to worry about rusting like iron, and they are easy to care for as they can be quickly washed with detergent after use. Furthermore, unlike fluoroplastic coating, it can be used for cooking at high temperatures. Since the body is made of iron, it is also durable. Iron quickly becomes hot and can maintain an even temperature for a long time (heat retention and heat storage properties), so the moisture in food evaporates quickly over high heat, and food cooks slowly over low heat, resulting in delicious results. Furthermore, the combination of newly developed enamel, which has a special property of blending with water, and cast iron, which has extremely high heat storage properties, instantly evaporates excess moisture from the food and condenses the flavor. In any case, this product is made with a particular focus on materials.The glass lid comes in handy when you need to monitor your food without lifting the cover and sacrificing heat.

Dimensions: 18.25 x 10.25 x 4.75 in (46.36 x 26.04 x 12.07 cm)

Weight: 3.93 lb (1.78kg)

Care guide: Dishwasher/NO, Microwave/NO, It cannot be used in the oven. Understanding the appropriate heat levels is the key to maximizing the performance of the pan. Thoroughly preheat before adding ingredients. Avoid using metal tools for cooking. Do not use abrasive products when cleaning up. 

Materials: Cast iron

Estimate delivery: 3-5 business days 

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