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Stainless Steel Ever Grater

Stainless Steel Ever Grater

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From ginger and garlic to cheese and chocolate, this grater can turn into fluffy. Measuring the size of a smartphone, The Ever Grater's cutting edge is so sharp that relatively soft foods such as cheese and garlic can be grated with ease.

Crafted in Japan

Recommended ingredients:

Ginger, garlic, cheese, citrus peels such as lemon or yuzu, chocolate, almonds, wasabi

*Not suitable for radish.

Approx. W 5.31 x D 2.55 x H 0.98 in (13.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm)

Approx. 3.38oz (96 g)

Metal part : 18-8 stainless steel
Receptacle : ABS resin (heat resistant up to 90℃)

Care Guide:
Dishwasher or Dryer/ NO
Do not use it in a situation where the surface is slippery with oil, water, detergent, etc.
Do not use it in a stable condition.
Do not use the product when the food is small in size.
Do not leave in water. It may cause rust.
After use, rinse well, wipe dry, and dry. When using the grater, use a brush or similar tool to clean off any dirt that may cause injury to the grater.
The terpenes and oils contained in lemon and citrus peels may discolor the saucer.

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