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Mishima Kiri Paulownia Wood Sake Cup

Mishima Kiri Paulownia Wood Sake Cup

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This is a wooden box made from "Mishima Kirin" wood, crafted by skilled artisans who specialize in making traditional Aizu Kirin chests. Mishima Kirin is a type of wood grown primarily in Mishima Town, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. It is known for its straight grain and beautiful luster, and is particularly well-suited for use in furniture and other wooden products.

The interior of the box is designed to provide excellent ventilation and insulation, helping to maintain an appropriate temperature and humidity level regardless of the season. This makes it a particularly good choice for storing delicate items such as food or precision equipment that are sensitive to humidity.

The box itself is made entirely from Mishima Kirin wood, and is finished with a combination of beeswax and natural oil to preserve the wood and enhance its natural beauty. It is a high-quality product that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and it is made in Japan, specifically in Fukushima Prefecture.


Body: Kirin (Paulownia) Wood
Coating: Beeswax and Natural Oil

【Country of Origin】
Japan, Fukushima Prefecture

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