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Matcha Ceremony 5 Piece Set

Matcha Ceremony 5 Piece Set

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This set is designed to make authentic Japanese matcha at home.

Benefit of Matcha
Just one cup of matcha is equal in nutrients to drinking 10 cups of brewed green tea, meaning our body benefits from lots of antioxidants. This impressive blend of antioxidants helps to enhance our immune system, helping to fight disease and infection while promoting healthy bones, heart health and brain health to name but a few.

Matcha Tea Set Details

*Tin of Casa Cura Organic Matcha
*Chasen - a bamboo whisk
*Kuse Naoshi - ceramic whisk holder
*Chawan - a ceramic matcha bowl
*Chashaku - a bamboo matcha spoon

Estimate delivery: 3-5 business days

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