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GOKADEN 8 Inch Super Blue Steel

GOKADEN 8 Inch Super Blue Steel

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The GOKADEN BLUE STEEL KNIFE, with a sleek, sword-shaped design that combines the best of an Usuba and Sushi knife, this kitchen essential will effortlessly tackle any task from chopping vegetables to slicing fish. Made with the highest-grade Japanese Blue steel at the core, this knife boasts razor-sharpness and unparalleled edge retention that will impress even the most discerning chefs. With a rich 700-year history, the GOKADEN BLUE STEEL KNIFE is truly a masterpiece of Japanese craftsmanship. Each knife is hand-forged to perfection, ensuring the highest quality and longevity. 


Dimensions: Blade length: 8in / 205mm             

Weight: 6oz (170g)

Care guide: Do not use frozen products or bones. It may cause the blade to chip. Not a dishwasher safe. Hand wash and towel dry after each use.

Blade steel type: Super Blue Steel, stainless steel

Handle material: Keyaki / Japanese Zelkova, Japanese Shitan, Mahogany (Collar)

Estimate delivery: 3-5 business days 

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