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Ceramic V Shape Reusable Coffee Dripper and Wood Holder Set

Ceramic V Shape Reusable Coffee Dripper and Wood Holder Set

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Filtering through ceramics removes impurities and saltiness while preserving the flavor. The taste is going to be mellow. This sustainable and economical choice is not just for coffee lovers. The dripper can also be used to purify most liquids, including water, sake, or wine.

Our Dripper comes with a crafted wood holder that provides a sturdy base for the dripper. 

How to use:

The filter has a protrusion on the outer surface that allows it to be placed directly on a cup or server. Please use coarsely ground beans (sesame seed size).

Amount of beans used: 25~35g(For 2-3 cups)

Extraction volume: 400~450ml Extraction time: 30 seconds for steaming + 4~4 minutes 30 seconds for extraction


Care Guide:

Immediately rinse the beans and surface dirt with warm water after each use. Run the water through the filter until the water runs clear. If using detergent, run the water longer and make sure no detergent remains in the filter.



D 4.92in x H 3.93in

Estimate delivery: 3-5 business days 

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