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Aritayaki Ceramic Reusable Filter Coffee Dripper Set

Aritayaki Ceramic Reusable Filter Coffee Dripper Set

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Ceramic filter: A unique ceramics technology has been used to create countless 60μ holes in the filter. This allows for optimal filtration speed for extracting coffee and other beverages. The filter eliminates the impurities that are introduced when filtering with filter paper, you can enjoy the true flavor of the coffee. Its water-mellowing properties, so it can be used for green tea, black tea, sake, etc. Long-selling product since the 1980s, and is very sustainable because it can be washed and used again and again.

Dripper: Aritayaki porcelain comes with a handle. Aritayaki porcelain has a 400-year history, and 久右衛門-KYUEMON-is involved in developing new products to meet the needs of the world while preserving its traditional history and techniques.

Brand:久右衛門 -KYUEMON-

Filter: diameter: approx. 4.33in (11cm) x height: approx. 2.36in (6cm)
      Weight: approx. 3.52oz (100g)

Dripper: Diameter: approx. 4.13in (10.5 cm) Not including handle
      Height: approx. 2.95in (7.5 cm)
      Weight: approx. 11.6oz (330g)

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