Learn with us : Mizuhiki / Give shape to your heart ❤️

Learn with us : Mizuhiki / Give shape to your heart ❤️

In Japan, gift wrapping is very important. In this issue, we will share some knowledge about “Mizuhiki” for beginners, a type of gift wrapping used to decorate gifts.

“Mizuhiki" are ornaments used for gifts of various occasions, and are obi strings that are placed over wrapping paper, envelopes and other items.

These are not simply obi strings, but have different meanings depending on the color and the way the string is tied.

It is an essential way to express celebration and respect for the recipient.

In recent years, as more Western culture has been adopted, mizuhiki is no longer used in many cases, but it is still one of the traditional Japanese cultures that persistently remains.


First, let me explain the origin of the word “Mizuhiki”. The word itself means "not yet sealed. Furthermore, the string is difficult to untie as it is tied, which is why the word "Mizuhiki" has come to signify "縁-Enishi- (Fate)" or "karma”. This is where the word "Mizuhiki" comes from.


Color Combinations

The color or color combination of Mizuhiki to be used depends on the type of situation.

Celebrations such as Marriage, birth, New Year, etc.

Red & Gold

Red & White

Gold & Silver


Funerals and memorial services


Blue & White

White & Black


What types of knots are there?

The most commonly used mizuhiki knot is the “蝶々結び(butterfly knot)”, which looks like a butterfly. It is also called a "花結び (flower knot)”. The butterfly knot can be tied over and over again, so it is used for celebrations that can be repeated many times, such as births, school admissions, New Year's gifts, and year-end gifts. However, since bad things can also be "repeated many times," it cannot be used for celebrations that should not be repeated, such as wedding gifts and visits for someone who is in the hospital, and for which there is a risk that something bad may happen afterwards.

A knot tied with the knot ends facing up is called a "真結び(Shin-knot)”. This is a method of tying mizuhiki tightly at the center so that it cannot be easily untied. By tying the knot in such a way that it cannot be undone, it is meant to "prevent the same thing from happening again in the future. Contrary to the butterfly knot, it is tied tightly and cannot be untied once tied, which means "so that it will not be repeated." Therefore, the Shin knot is used for wedding gifts, sympathy for an illness, funerals, and other occasions of condolence, which could not be done with the butterfly knot.


Recently, accessories featuring mizuhiki are also available at many store in Japan. 

They are arranged in a very cute way and seem to bring good luck!




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