What we can do for the earth and you / Free shipping on all orders

What we can do for the earth and you / Free shipping on all orders

At iimono, we aim not only to enrich your life with our products, but also to provide you with opportunities to care for the environment.


What is Sustainable?

Sustainable is a word that we often see used these days. What does it mean? The word "sustainable" is composed of the words "sustain" and "able”. It means "sustainable" or able to continue for a long time. Today, people around the world are beginning to work toward the realization of a "sustainable" society as a common goal.

This means a society that does not destroy the earth's environment, does not use too many resources, and allows future generations to continue to live in peace and abundance on our beautiful planet.

We all shop for something every day, don't we? Groceries, clothes, and various daily necessities. Taking good care of the things we use now and reusing them instead of throwing them away when they are no longer needed will lead to the realization of a sustainable society. There is no need to think too hard. Why don't you start with what you can do now?


The sustainable products that iimono can offer you 🌎

At iimono, we carry a wide variety of high quality Japanese-made products. We aim to use good products for as long as possible, not products that break quickly and become disposable. We carry many products that can become your life partner.

NAGATANI-EN Donabe Rice Cooker KAMADO-SAN – iimono (shopiimono.com)

STUDIO M' Garbure Donabe Pottery Pot – iimono (shopiimono.com)










 There are several Donabe (earthenware) products available, and these can last for decades if used correctly. Here are some tips to prolong the life of your earthenware pots.

(1) Donabe pots should be used over a small fire to heat and warm them. A large fire may burn the bottom of the pot.

(2) After use, wash the pot with warm water and a soft sponge and dry it. If dirt builds up, remove it with a soft brush.

(3) After use, store the pot in a dry condition. Moisture buildup may cause mold and rust. Suitable

(4) Store clay pots in a dry and well-ventilated place.


The knives we carry at iimono are all made with great care by Japanese craftsmen. Used by professionals as well, these knives will become your best partner for your daily cooking. The more carefully you use them, the longer they will last.

JAPANESE KNIVES – iimono (shopiimono.com)

We also carry many other products imported from Japan that are only available at iimono. We will continue to offer products that improve your life in many aspects.

Hoping to increase the opportunity to bring our products to as many people as possible, we offer free shipping on all our products!!

Join us at iimono and start living sustainably together with us.


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