Is the Japanese Convenience Store sightseeing spot?

Convenience stores in Japan (called konbini, or conbini in Japanese) are quite different from those in other countries. They are clean, brightly lit and carry a wide range of products and everything you need for your daily life. Usually, they are open for 24 hours and can be found everywhere in Japan. This time, Let’s take a look at the foods sold at “Konbini” in Japan. As you may know, Japanese people are foodie, so “Konbini” also sells very high-quality foods. The bento section has a wide variety of items, from Japanese to Western. Many students and working adults who live alone live on bento boxes from “Konbini”.  It is very convenient because there are many products that can be eaten without cooking.  And although the price is cheaper than eating at a restaurant, the taste is still great.


Other popular products are desserts. They have a new product for each season and put a lot of effort into product development.  Most of them are available for around ¥500, but they are of such quality that you would think they were made by a famous pastry chef!


”Konbini” is a perfect place where foreign tourists can enjoy a wide variety of products that are unique to Japan!

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