Hardest worker in Japan?

Hardest worker in Japan?

Did you know? 

Japanese towels are very talented. They do not only perfectly perform the tasks given to them as towels. They even do jobs that are not supposed to be the role of towels, but they do them perfectly.

So, how exactly are they used in Japan?

First of all, towels generally used in Japan are a little different from those used in the United States.

The difference is obvious when you actually take one in your hand.

1, Thin

You will be surprised at how thin it is. It is also convenient for storage because it is not bulky. Another advantage is that you can easily carry it around. You may wonder if you can really wipe your hands and body with it. However, there is no need to worry.

2, Absorbency 

Japanese thin towels are extremely absorbent. When wiping your hands, you do not have to rub your hands repeatedly against the cloth, and it absorbs moisture immediately. And because the cloth is thin, it dries quickly. They can be used again and again. There is no way it is unreliable. Japanese towels are perfectly capable of fulfilling their role as towels.

3, Various Uses

Next, we will introduce the various ways of using Japanese towels. Yes, towels are used for more than just wiping away moisture. It is not the only role of a towel.


⋆Wrap it up

⋆Cover your head to protect from the sun

⋆Use as a mat

This is possible only with a towel made in Japan, which is thin and highly absorbent!

Please find your own original way to use the towel.


iimono has also started to carry hand towels made in Japan.


These hand towels are produced in Gujo City, Gunma Prefecture.

This pattern depicts the "Gujo Dance,"a traditional folk dance performed in the evenings during summer held in Gunjo City, Gifu Prefecture. The other patterns are designed with actual stores and tourist attractions, making this a very unique product.


The colorful designs are created by a special technique called silk-screen printing. Since they are printed with a particular ink specially designed for cloth, they can be washed without worrying about color fading. Made in Gujo City, Gunma Prefecture, the birthplace of silk screen printing. 


Highly recommend actually experiencing the greatness of Japanese towels !

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