What is the best selling item during valentine's day in japan?

What is the best selling item during valentine's day in japan?

There is a big difference between Valentine's Day in Japan and the United States.

In the States, on Valentine's Day, it is common for men to give some gifts to women and express their love for them.

But there is no such custom in Japan. February 14 is a day for women to express their feelings to men. With a particular food …






That is CHOCOLATE 🍫!!

If there is a crush on someone, express feelings with chocolates.

Yes, February 14 is the perfect day for women in love to ask your loved one out in Japan!

For this reason, stores are lined with chocolates for Valentine's Day a month in advance. There is also the option of giving handmade chocolate treats. Many stores have cute cups and decorations for handmade chocolates sweets.


All of these designs are so cute! Japanese women prepare for Valentine's Day with ingenuity. During this season, all the stores are crowded with women who come to buy limited edition Valentine's Day chocolate-related.

Giri Chocolate

February 14 is a big event for women. But…… What about men…?  On this day, men all over Japan are fidgeting from morning. “Will I get chocolates from someone this year?😟” Their head is filled with such thoughts😅

But what if they don't get any from anyone…😢? No, no worries at all. Japan has a wonderful custom. It's called “giri-choco”!!

giri-choco means obligatory chocolate or courtesy chocolate.

Women also prepare 'giri-choco' for people they merely want to show their appreciation/friendship to, with no romantic implications.

But please remember this. When you get giri chocolates, women always say before giving them to you, "This is giri chocolates, you know😊.” I hope you won’t be shocked. 


Happy Valentine's Day💕🍫


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