What do you usually drink?

What do you usually drink?

What do Japanese people usually drink?

According to an internet survey, coffee comes in first, followed by Japanese tea and water.

Coffee, ranked first, seems to be drunk most often in the morning and after meals. This is common as is the custom in the U.S., isn't it?


Then, what is Japanese tea in second place? I would like to introduce the pros of Japanese tea.

Literally, Japanese tea is tea produced in Japan.

And most of them are "green tea". There are many different types of green tea, one of which is matcha. Many people have probably heard of matcha. Nowadays, various drinks and sweets using matcha are sold all over the world.

Now, Japanese tea contains a variety of ingredients that are good for you.

Typical examples are tea catechins, which are the source of tea's unique astringency. Tea catechins have many benefits, such as inhibiting carcinogenesis, lowering cholesterol in the blood, preventing aging, suppressing increases in blood pressure and blood sugar, antiviral effects, preventing tooth decay, and preventing bad breath.


Is there a place where you can turn on the faucet and tea comes out?!

There is a dreamlike place in Japan where, when you turn on the tap, tea, not water, comes out. It is Shizuoka Prefecture, famous for Mt. Fuji. This place is also famous for the production of Japanese tea.

And the magic faucet is located in an elementary and junior high school in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It seems that the idea was born from a prefectural ordinance to let children learn about the benefits of tea.

And there are more dreamy faucets in Japan.

♡Tap serving udon noodle soup

Udon noodle soup stock comes from a faucet located in a corner of Takamatsu Airport in Kagawa Prefecture.

♡Tap serving orange juice

At Matsuyama Airport in Ehime Prefecture, there is a faucet that comes out orange juice.

♡Tap serving local sake

“Zikka Shokudo” is an izakaya restaurant in Niigata Prefecture where you can enjoy warm home-style cooking using local ingredients, just like at home. What a surprise! There is a faucet that brings out locally brewed sake when turned on.

It is a dream come true for those who love to drink!


Did you find a faucet that interests you?

You may want to "look for a faucet" as a new purpose of your trip! 


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