Umibiraki / The best beach to visit

Umibiraki / The best beach to visit

The first day of opening beach is called “Umi Biraki” in Japan. It may also indicate the duration of operation of the swimming season.

On the day of the opening of the beach, a festival is sometimes held by Shinto priests at a nearby shrine or the beach to pray for the prosperity and safety of the beach during the season, and is one of the major summer events in Japan.

Some places prohibit swimming at the beach until the Umibiraki. The reason is that safety cannot be guaranteed. In Japan, where the four seasons change beautifully, the appearance of the sea varies with the seasons. The Umibiraki is held when the season is most suitable for swimming.

At beaches that have done Umibiraki to the public, safety measures are in place so that visitors can enjoy swimming with peace of mind.

Preparations for the Umibiraki

★Removal of trash and hazardous materials

★Installation of dressing rooms and portable toilets

★Installation of nets to keep out jellyfish and sharks

★Assignment of lifeguards and lifesavers

In addition, stores and restaurants with snacks and refreshments will also be opened. These are generally called "海の家(beach houses)”.


The beach area looks completely different after and before the Umibiraki, and is crowded with many people during the season.



Here are 3 recommended beaches in the East region of Japan.

葛西海浜公園 (Kasai Seaside Park)  Edogawa-ku, Tokyo

This is the only place in Tokyo where you can go swimming! Convenient with showers, dressing rooms, and lockers for a fee, and BBQ facilities are also available!


逗子海水浴場 (Zushi Beach) Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture

The beach is easily accessible as soon as you get out of the station. Drinking alcohol and BBQ are prohibited, but there are about 30 beach houses open, so you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes by the sea.


白浜大浜海水浴場 (Shirahama Ohama Beach) Shimoda, Shizuoka Prefecture

The white sand and emerald green sea look like a tropical resort. The sea is relatively clean, and you can see crabs and small fish swimming around! Surfing lessons for children are also available, making it fun for the whole family.


Now you are totally ready to enjoy Japanese summer🏖

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