Learn with us : 梅雨(Tsuyu)

Learn with us : 梅雨(Tsuyu)

Japan has a special season called the “Tsuyu”-rainy season-. Simply put, it is a period of frequent rain and few sunny days. It is also called the 雨季(Uki) and lasts from around late May to early July. This weather phenomenon occurs not only in Japan (except Hokkaido), but also on the Korean Peninsula and in southern China. The beginning of the rainy season is called "梅雨入り(Tsuyu Iri)” -the beginning of the rainy season- and the end of the rainy season is called "梅雨明け (Tsuyu ake)” -the end of the rainy season-, neither of which is fixed on a certain day of the month. The weather forecast for the day before, the day of, and the week following the rainy season is determined by the Japan Meteorological Agency and communicated to us through news and television.

There are many theories as to the origin and etymology of the word "梅雨”.

Among them, the most popular theory is that plum blossoms bloom around March and the large fruits ripen around June. In China, the word "Plum" is written with "梅(ume)" and "雨(rain)" because of the rain that falls when the ume fruits ripen, and it is believed that the word "梅雨" was introduced to Japan.

Why does it rain a lot at this time in the first place?

The cause, Around late May to early July, warm air (Ogasawara air mass) flows from southeast Japan and cold air (Okhotsk Sea air mass) flows from northeast Japan.

These two air masses push against each other with equal strength, creating a situation where they are stuck together.

Therefore, the two air masses cannot move from the same place, and rain continues to fall.

Although many people have a bad image of rain, the Japanese people have devised various ways to enjoy the rainy season. They buy umbrellas with nice designs or plant hydrangeas, flowers that bloom during the rainy season, in their gardens.

 Also,there is a saying in Japan.

「After the rain, the ground solidifies.」

That means that what you think is bad will turn out to be good when you are done with it.

With just one mindset or your heart, we can enjoy any environment, right?

Happy Rainy Day☔✨

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