Top 5 Sweetness Ranking of Strawberries!

Top 5 Sweetness Ranking of Strawberries!

Did you know that May 15 is Strawberry Day?

"Strawberry Day" is a day celebrated in Japan on May 15th each year. The date is a play on words as the Japanese word for strawberry is "ichigo," which sounds similar to the numbers one (ichi) and five (go). This day is dedicated to celebrating the delicious and sweet fruit that is loved by many. In Japanese, this day is called "Ichigo no hi."

There are about 300 varieties of strawberries in Japan, and some say that more than half of the world's strawberry varieties come from Japan. Even now, many varieties are being improved in various parts of Japan, and unique new varieties are being born one after another.

Here we introduce the ranking of the sugar content of strawberries from No. 5 to No. 1 !

Since strawberries with high sugar content are sometimes cultivated in small quantities, there are some varieties that cannot be found in supermarkets. Let's take a look at such rare and valuable Japanese original strawberry brands!

No. 5 古都華 (Kotoka)

Kotoka is a brand of strawberries born in Nara Prefecture. It has a firm sweetness with an average sugar content of 15 degrees. It also features a mellow aroma and firm, crunchy pulp that cannot be defeated by eating with sweets. In Nara Prefecture, you can enjoy shaved ice made from Kotoka! It also has a moderate acidity, making it a good choice for those who like sweet and sour strawberries.


No. 4 Sakura Momo Strawberry

The Sakura Momo Strawberry is one of Tokushima Prefecture's brand-name strawberries. It is a sister variety of the "Momo Strawberry," which was originally cultivated in Tokushima Prefecture, and has a high average sugar content of 15 degrees. It is characterized by its bright red color and large size, and is known as a high-end strawberry.


No. 3 Kanamihime

Kanamihime is a crossbreed of the famous "Tochiotome" and "Akihime" varieties, and has a high average sugar content of 16 degrees. It is grown in Shizuoka, Shiga, and Yamagata prefectures, and can be enjoyed over a long period from mid-December to late May. Its low acidity allows you to enjoy its robust sweetness.


No. 2 夏瑞 (Natsumizuki)

Natsumizuki is a strawberry grown in Hokkaido. As its name suggests, Natsumizuki comes into season in summer, as Hokkaido warms up later than Honshu. The average sugar content of Natsubata is 16 degrees, but particularly sweet ones can reach as high as 18 degrees! Since they began to be cultivated in earnest in 2016, they are not well known yet, but they are already used in sweets in Hokkaido.


No. 1 真紅の美鈴 (Shinkuno Misuzu)

The first place in the prestigious ranking goes to Shinkuno Misuzu. The most important characteristics of this strawberry are its sweetness and color. The sweetness of this strawberry is distinctly different from other strawberries, with a sugar content of more than 20. Also, when we think of strawberries, we think of red, but the Shinkuno Misuzu is a bit blackish. Therefore, they are also called black strawberries. It is a strawberry with an impact both in taste and appearance, so it makes a great gift.


These strawberries may change your experience of strawberries🍓

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