That season is coming !!

That season is coming !!


Spring in Japan is truly wonderful. You can see beautiful cherry blossoms all around. The weather is warm and pleasant. Many tourists from overseas may choose to come to Japan in spring for sightseeing.

Below is the result of a survey on Japanese people's favorite season.

1st. Spring        42%, 

2nd. Fall             32%, 

3rd. Summer     13%

4th. Can not choose 8%

5th. Winter          4%

Spring is also a popular season for Japanese. Reference: @nifty news

Such is spring, but it also has a slightly sad side.

In Japan, April is the beginning of a new fiscal year. Therefore, it can be said that many people change their environment in March in preparation for the new fiscal year. Graduation ceremonies, transfers, transfers, and resignations. These things usually happen in March.

After a long winter, a warm spring finally arrives. People all become somewhat excited. And to make a new start, sometimes you need to say goodbye. 

Any change in environment and unwanted goodbyes may be necessary for you to move forward.

We hope that iimono will be there for you at such times… ★


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