5 Food You Must Try in Summer /Make you feel cooler🎐

5 Food You Must Try in Summer /Make you feel cooler🎐

1 Suika (Watermelon)

Many people probably think of watermelon first when they think of summer seasonal fruits. This may be a common feeling not only in Japan but around the world.

Since watermelon is a good source of water and has the effect of cooling the body, we inevitably want to eat it in the summer. In Japan, too, watermelon is a classic summer snack for especially children.

2 Sashimi (Raw Fish)

Did you know that sashimi also has a cooling effect on the body?

And that it is better to eat fish as sashimi, not grilled. DHA contained in fish lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, but this is lost when heated. Sashimi, one of the most typical Japanese foods, should be eaten actively even in summer.


3 Tokoroten

Have you ever heard of Tokoroten?

Tokoroten is a traditional Japanese dessert. It is made from a type of seaweed called "kanten" or "agar," which is tasteless and odorless, and has a gelatinous texture.Tokoroten is a refreshing treat to beat the heat. It also looks cool and  beloved as a healthy dessert option since it is low in calories and considered good for the body.


4 Tan Tan Men(Tan Tan Noodle) 

Now is the spicy food section. This tantanmen is different from the ramen noodles that you may  know. This dish originated in China and is characterized by its spicy flavor and rich broth. The spiciness is mainly adjusted by using bean paste and huajiao (red pepper). In addition, miso, soy sauce, sesame seeds, peanuts, and other seasonings are sometimes combined. It is an energizing dish to eat in the summer.


5 Mapo Tofu 

This is another spicy dish that originated in China. Its red appearance is appetizing even in the hot summer months. Like the tantanmen, it is made with bean paste and huajiao (red pepper). These spices will make you sweat a lot. Try the hot and spicy food in the heat and you will be hooked! I’m sure you will be addicted to it!






The most popular Dessert in Japan? Garigari-kun

Garigari-kun is an ice cream dessert that has been loved in Japan for many years. It can be found at convenience stores, supermarkets, or anywhere else. It may look simple and unexceptional, but Garigarikun has long been a favorite of the Japanese. It comes in a wide variety of flavors, limited-time-only every year. The texture is hard, and the name "Garigari-kun" comes from the onomatopoeia of eating it while crushing with one's teeth. The packaging and design have an old-fashioned retro atmosphere, and the nostalgic feeling is one of the secrets to the long-lasting popularity of the product. Must try🍨

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