Japanese soul food / 5 reasons for popularity

Japanese soul food / 5 reasons for popularity

Easy to eat. Delicious. Relatively inexpensive. Almost no one dislikes it.

There is one food that almost satisfies all of these conditions.

It is ramen🍜

It is probably like pizza for Americans. In this article, we will look into the secret of Ramen's popularity.

Starting with tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen, which became popular in the 1990s, thick and seafood-based ramen have been in vogue until now, and in recent years, neat ramen has become popular in Japanese ramen culture. According to a survey, 60% of Japanese men and women between the ages of 20 and 60 eat ramen at least once a week. Of these, 40% of men eat ramen at least twice a week. To put it mildly, that's a little too much ramen. Why on earth do Japanese people love ramen so much?


1) Because there are so many types of ramen and a new culture is always emerging.

Iekei Ramen, Aburasoba, Tsukemen, Taiwanese Ramen ....... There are so many variations of ramen that there is no end to the number of varieties. The ramen that is popular in the provinces spreads to Tokyo and then to the rest of the country, and there is always something new to talk about. Even if you get tired of eating one flavor, you can always find and eat ramen with a completely different taste, making it an industry that continues to tickle your inquisitive mind. Somewhere out there, there is always a ramen that you like. The rewarding aspect of exploration may be the reason why people are so fascinated with the world of ramen.


2) People still loves ramen even in a recession

It is often said that "ramen restaurants are strong even in a recession. Of course, this does not apply to all ramen stores, but it was said that this is because people still go out to eat ramen even when the economy is in recession and there is a trend to cut back on eating out, or rather, they tend to go to ramen stores because they have fewer opportunities to eat out. It is true that with ramen, you can operate a bar that is only open at night in a hermit crab style, renting it only during the day, and you can keep fixed costs down even if you are a newcomer to the business. This is one of the reasons why ramen has always been a part of our lives without becoming a " trend".


3) Because salt, oil, and umami have addictive properties that give pleasure to the brain

Do you ever have the urge to eat ramen again the day after eating it? This is called "ramen addiction," and it is a symptom that tends to occur especially with ramen that has a strong taste. You may wonder if there is such a thing as addiction to ramen, which is neither alcohol nor cigarettes, but in fact, the salt, fat, and umami ingredients in ramen are said to be addictive because they give pleasure to the brain. These people are the ones who become ardent fans who visit ramen restaurants several times a week and make the ramen industry thrive.


4) Because they are everywhere.

According to one theory, there are about 26,500 ramen specialty stores in Japan. This alone is quite a lot since there are less than 10,000 train stations in Japan. In addition to ramen specialty stores, ramen is also sold in Chinese restaurants, family restaurants, and cafeterias. It is also available everywhere in convenience stores and supermarkets as instant ramen and cup noodles. No matter whether you run away or not, ramen is always ahead of you and chasing you. If you can't go a day without seeing ramen, you are more likely to decide to try it today, and even if you are not an addict, you will eat ramen there more often than not.


5) There are regular events

『Tokyo Ramen Festa 2023 』
Dates: Thursday, 10/26/2023 - Sunday, 11/05/2023
Place: Komazawa Olympic Park, 15 min. from Komazawa University Station
URL ra-fes.com

Ramen that you can only eat here" from various regions gather in Komazawa, Tokyo. You can enjoy delicious ramen from all over Japan in the autumn of your appetite!

Ramen from all over the country will be served at the stalls for ramen lovers to enjoy. Tokyo Ramen Festa" This year, local recommended ramen stores are recommended and opened by organizations that disseminate information on events and local ramen from all over Japan. This year there will be 28 booths of ramen stores. Why not enjoy delicious ramen from all over Japan in the autumn of your appetite?


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