3 main reasons why “Oil Pot” is needed in your kitchen

3 main reasons why “Oil Pot” is needed in your kitchen

All-stainless steel oil pot has just arrived from Niigata prefecture, Japan🗾

In this issue, we will provide a thorough explanation of our new product, "KOSHIMASU Oil Pot Server”.


Have you ever had trouble disposing of oil when you cook?
Oil left over after frying. Excess oil left in the frying pan or pot. Everyone has had this type of experience at least once.

In such cases, KOSHIMASU Oil Pot Server is a great way to successfully reuse oil without hassle.


Here are 3 recommendations for such oil pot servers!


The pot is fitted with a fine mesh filter separate from the lid.

Pouring oil over this will remove solid impurities and provide filtration. This allows the oil to be used repeatedly. Excess oil from cooking should be filtered and stored in this pot. Reusing oil is a great way to reduce costs and is good for the environment! 


2,Perfectly sized and designed

This product is built smaller than a regular oil pot. This makes it easy to place even in a small kitchen.

And the filter is specially processed to prevent light from reflecting off it. The filter is designed so that the amount of oil can be easily seen from the outside.

Furthermore, it comes with an easy-to-handle handle. The center of the handle is moderately curved, making it easy to grip and eliminating the risk of dropping the pot, now you can easily pour oil with one hand without removing the lid.This is a nice feature when cooking.


3,Easy to maintain

This pot has no spout. However, it is built in such a way that oil can be poured from any direction to cut off the oil tightly. Therefore, the pot is not easily soiled and is very easy to wash.

The pot, lid, and filter are all separate parts, which also makes them easy to wash. It is also nice that it can be kept clean for the long term.


The brand name "Conte" is based on our wish that our tools will be made by the hands of many craftsmen, made together, transported in containers that symbolize the division of labor in Tsubame city, and used for a long time to come.

Please welcome "Conte" products made by the hands of craftsmen in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, into your home.

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