New products available!

New products available!

How are you spending your morning?

Many of you are probably rushing around at the start of the day, going to work or sending your children off to school without a moment to catch your breath.

Why don't you join us at iimono and make your morning coffee time a little more enjoyable and special?

Introducing new products that iimono is proud to offer for all of you!!!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of ceramic coffee filters from 久右衛門 “Kyuemon”.

The design is simple and form-fitting, so it fits in any kind of kitchen. This product will make your coffee time more stylish and special.

 A unique ceramics technology has been used to create countless 60μ holes in the filter. This allows for optimal filtration speed for extracting coffee and other beverages. The filter eliminates the impurities that are introduced when filtering with filter paper, you can enjoy the true flavor of the coffee.

Amazingly, it can be used for more than just coffee!

Its water-mellowing properties, so you can use it for green tea, black tea, sake, etc. 

Enjoy the change in taste with your favorite beverage🍵🍶

Long-selling product since the 1980s, and is very sustainable because it can be washed and used again and again.

View Products☞Ceramic Filter Coffee Dripper Set – iimono (

This is not all.

We also offer ceramic filters that come with a dripper holder.


 Both round and V shapes are available.

Filtering through ceramics removes impurities and saltiness while preserving the flavor.

These sustainable ceramic dripper and filter set will make a dramatic change to your coffee experience☕🍃

 View Products☞LOCA ceramic coffee dripper (round shape) with wood dripper holder set – iimono (

LOCA ceramic coffee dripper (V shape) with wood dripper holder set – iimono (

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