Day to Celebrate Longevity

Day to Celebrate Longevity

In Japan, there is a national holiday called "Respect for the Aged Day".

The third Monday of September is designated as "Respect for the Aged Day" every year, so this year, September 18 is that day.


What day is it?

Respect for the Aged Day was established as a national holiday in 1948 to "honor the elderly who have given many years of service to society and celebrate their longevity.

In Japan, most people are familiar with this holiday from childhood. This is because it is customary to celebrate Respect-for-Aged Day as one of school events. For this day, children make presents for their grandparents and write letters to them to express their gratitude. There are many schools that are involved in this kind of activity in education.


Respect for the Aged Day began in 1947 when the mayor of a small village in Hyogo Prefecture proposed that September 15, a day with good weather, be designated as "Toshiyori no Hi (Day for the Aged)" to "cherish the elderly and build the village with the wisdom of the elderly. The day eventually spread nationwide, and in 1964 it was renamed "Day of the Aged" and in 1966 became "Respect for the Aged Day" as a national holiday.

You can get a lot of great deals on that day?

Generally, on this day, grandchildren often give something as a gift to their grandparents. Various companies offer campaigns to coincide with this.

It is also a day of opportunity for good shopping at a good price.

Here are the Top 3 most popular gifts for the Respect for the Aged Day


No.3 Dorayaki

Dorayaki used to be a thin pancake with red bean paste sandwiched in between,

However, in recent years, a variety of flavors of dorayaki have become available, including not only red bean paste.

There are many varieties, such as chocolate and cream with seasonal fruits, and they also look cute! They look like macaroons♡

They are the perfect Japanese sweets for gifts.


No.2 Daifuku

In second place is the Daifuku, a luxurious fruit-filled rice cake!

Mochi and white bean paste are wrapped with seasonal fruits, and they are a perfect match!

The bright colors not only taste good, but also delight us with their appearance.


No.1 Chestnut Cake

Do you know what this is?

It is a new dessert made of rice cake topped with an abundance of cream made from Japanese chestnuts. In recent years, it has spread on SNS and become very popular.

Cakes made with chestnuts are called "Mont Blanc" in Japan, and are a standard sweet in the fall. This is a new product made by a store specializing in Mont Blanc. It is not only delicious but also visually impressive, and has been introduced many times on TV and in magazines.

Check it out ☞栗りん (

For Respect-for-Aged Day, add a message that says, "Live long and long♡".

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