The Best Morning at Japanese Coffee Shop “Kissaten”

The Best Morning at Japanese Coffee Shop “Kissaten”

It is fair to say that there are two types of cafes in Japan.

One is modern and attracts many young people, with a trendy interior and a variety of new menu items.

On the other hand, the other is a small, old-fashioned coffee shop with a retro atmosphere. These are the kind of places where middle-aged men like to gather for their favorite cup of coffee. In Japan, such stores are not called "cafes" but "喫茶店(Kissaten)”.

In this issue, we would like to introduce the Kissaten.

First, presenting the top 3 menus that represent the Kissaten! 


No. 3 Pudding a la mode

This dessert, in which the main ingredient, pudding, is surrounded by ice cream and colorful fruits, is called pudding a la mode. Its deliciousness can be conveyed just by looking at the picture without explanation, can't it? It has long been served in Kissaten and is a popular dessert for both small children and adults. In recent years, it has become rare to see it outside of Kissaten, so you can enjoy a more special experience!


No. 2 Coffee

Many Kissaten offer the owner's special coffee." There are many regular customers who go to coffee shops for "the coffee that you can only drink here. Since the interior of a store is relatively small, one of the best parts of a Kissaten is getting to know the owner and enjoying conversation with him over a cup of coffee.


No. 1 Neapolitan

This Neapolitan is a classic menu item that is synonymous with Kissaten. It may look like a typical tomato spaghetti, but it is not. The main seasoning is tomato ketchup, which has a slightly sweet taste. Eating Neapolitan with this subtle sweetness gives Japanese people a sense of nostalgia that makes them feel at ease. The latest trend is to make the noodles more charred. Since the recipe differs from store to store, some people go on a Kissaten tour in search of the best Neapolitan.


Morning Menu

Some Kissaten open early in the morning and offer special early-morning menus. This system is commonly known as "Morning”.

The morning menu usually includes a drink, toast, and a small salad. The most attractive feature of this system is that it is available for less than 1,000 yen including tax.


This is a popular Kissaten with “morning”  in Tokyo. 「ラフレッサ」

ラフレッサ(東京都中央区日本橋本町/喫茶店) - Yahoo!ロコ

A sandwich with a drink and salad for 550 yen is an unbelievably low price. Of course, the taste is outstanding!

Why not wake up early and enjoy a delicious and affordable morning menu at a Kissaten before starting your day?

Address: 〒103-0023東京都中央区日本橋本町4-2-8


Morning culture has become a part of Japanese life.

When you visit Japan, you too should find a nice kissaten and try “morning”!☕

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