Add to your bucket list! 5 Attractions of the “Jinrikisha” (Japanese Rickshaw)

Add to your bucket list! 5 Attractions of the “Jinrikisha” (Japanese Rickshaw)

Do you know what a Jinrikisha is? It is a handcart that transports people.

Jinrikisha originated in Japan around 1868, in the early Meiji period. At that time, they were used as a faster means of transportation than on foot. Today, Jinrikisha remain in many sightseeing spots throughout Japan. It is a very popular sightseeing specialty among tourists from Japan and abroad.

Now, let me introduce you to five such attractions of the Jinrikisha!


1 Enjoy it like an attraction!

This Jinrikisha has a luxurious feel. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it is also extremely sturdy. It is very stable, so you don't have to worry about it falling off. And this Jinrikisha runs and moves at just the right speed! Riding a high-bodied Jinrikisha through the city gives you the feeling of enjoying a theme park attraction.

And the person who drives the Jinrikisha is called a “Shafu”. Look at the clothes these people wear! They are dressed in tabi (tabi-like socks) for ease of movement and walking, as well as for a uniquely Japanese appearance, and in loincloths and stomach girdles. Just seeing a jinrikisha man pulling a rickshaw gives you a sense of the uniquely Japanese atmosphere.


2 Safe driving!

All Shafu are well trained before they actually start driving a rickshaw with customers on board before they actually start work. Since Jinrikisha drive on roadways, safe driving is paramount. They have to hone their driving skills to avoid putting customers in harm's way or causing accidents. Since the Shafu are driven with the utmost care, you can enjoy sightseeing with peace of mind!


3 Professional Tourist Guides!

You would think that all Shafu must be athletes to push a Jinrikisha while carrying people! But that's not all. They are also professional tour guides. They know the sights and are very good at explaining them. They have a firm grasp of everything from the history of the area to the latest recommendations! Ask them any questions you may have, such as about hidden spots that only the locals know about. They are good at customer service and will respond to anything in a friendly manner!


4 Amazing photo skills!

When you come across a famous place or a wonderful view on your trip, you want to take a picture of it and keep it! Leave it to Shafu to do just that. They are also very good at taking pictures! They know how to use the functions of their phones and will change the settings of the camera depending on the weather and location of the day, and take pictures in the best possible way! They can even take pictures of you with famous buildings while riding in the Jinrikisha and give you advice on poses. You don't have to worry about the photos you want to post on your SNS!


5 Recommended places for Jinrikisha

There are many sightseeing spots throughout Japan where you can take a Jinrikisha, and Asakusa is one of the most recommended! There are many attractions here, including historic shrines, the Tokyo Sky Tree, and places to eat and walk around!

Asakusa is famous for its Kaminarimon ! Just walking around this area, you will find many salespeople from companies offering Jinrikisha services waiting for you! Ask about prices and the courses that can be taken by Jinrikisha, and choose the company you like.


Why not try wearing a kimono or yukata and have fun?

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