Invitation to all the people who believe ♡Love and good thing♡

Invitation to all the people who believe ♡Love and good thing♡

Valentine's Day is coming up.

We are happy to help make your Valentine's Day more significant.

We have just arrived from Fukui, Japan with original products exclusive to iimono for  Valentine’s day!!

iimono has a new product for all of you who are ready to enjoy that day!!

You won't find this type of product anywhere else but iimono. 

Japanese craftsmen from “Rokurosya” make each one by hand.

What is “Rokurosya”?

Rokurosha items are carefully crafted in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture,Japan by craftsmen. That city is known as the birthplace of Echizen lacquerware with a history of approximately 1,500 years.

For valuable iimono customers, we have three items of the most recommended products from Rokurosya’s many artworks. 

 It features a texture made of warm wood and a feel that is well calculated to make it comfortable to hold. 

The bowls are simple and fit in with any dining table, but they have a unique coolness that is a little different from the usual bowls. 

You will be amazed at its light weight and ease of use once you actually hold it in your hand.

This is an  artwork that uses unique techniques that can only be realized by Japanese craftsmen.

If you buy a pair, they are the perfect handsome gift 💕🍫

Of course you can get separately, so please find your favorite color and form🫶 

Let’s get ready for Valentine's day with us!💕✨

We will keep posting more information about "Rokurosha" until Valentine’s day. 

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Don't miss it!😉


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