Best Seasonal Flavor / Satsumaimo ( Sweet Potato)

Best Seasonal Flavor / Satsumaimo ( Sweet Potato)

Japan has four beautiful seasons. And according to the seasons, events and seasonal foods are emphasized and incorporated as part of their daily life.

Well, September is finally here. Autumn is almost there!

Autumn in Japan is the season of appetite. It is full of delicious seasonal foods.

Among them, there is one food that stands out from the rest.


That is......Satsumaimo (sweet potatoes) 🍠


Sweet potatoes are in season from September to November.

In Japan, they are usually steamed and eaten. They are sweet, fresh, and rich in nutrients.

And as soon as September arrives, various food manufacturers start selling sweet potato-flavored products as a limited edition.

 In this issue, we would like to introduce some of Japan's limited-time-only sweets made with sweet potatoes.


First of all, Starbucks!


Its name is the Osatsu Butter Frappuccino.

This Frappuccino is inspired by honey and a baked sweet potato with lots of butter.

The combination of sweet and salty never gets old. In Japan, when you drink a new Frappuccino, you have to post it on SNS and brag about it to everyone.


Tully's Coffee

The most popular coffee shop after Starbucks. Tully's Coffee. Here, too, two sweet potato-flavored drinks are available. Latte and Tea Shake.

They are topped with a generous amount of sweet potato-flavored whipped cream. It is just the right amount of sweetness and you can really taste the sweet potato flavor.



Mister Donut

The most popular donut shop in Japan is Mister Donut. Here you will find 5 kinds of donuts made with sweet potatoes! 

They taste as good as if you are eating real sweet potatoes. You can't choose just one, can you? Let's conquer all kinds.


Next is the ice cream category!🍨



 Pino is an ice cream that probably all Japanese know. The original one  is vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate. However, this also turned out to be sweet potato flavored.

The ice cream has a rich sweet potato sweetness, and is coated with sweet potato flavored chocolate mixed with savory caramelized sugar chips. Obviously delicious!


Last but not least, convenience store ice cream!

MINI STOP is a Japanese convenience store that prides itself on its desserts!

Two types of soft-serve ice cream made with sweet potatoes are newly released from this store! 🍦

Both are sweet and sticky. One is topped with a real baked sweet potato. The hot sweet potato and the cold soft serve ice cream are a perfect match.


Enjoy this seasonal flavor when you come to Japan🍠


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