Hinamatsuri -Girl's Day-🎎

Hinamatsuri -Girl's Day-🎎

Happy Girl's Day!🌸

In Japan, we celebrate “Girl's Day”-Hinamatsuri- on March 3.

This is a day for families with daughters to celebrate by decorating dolls and eating "Hina-arare" (sweet rice crackers) to pray for the growth and happiness of their daughters.

Each color of the crackers has its own meaning.

Pink… Peach, protection from evil

White.. Snow, purity

Green… Earth, health


Most families with girls display dolls called Hina-ningyo. It is said that Hina-ningyo takes away the bad luck of girls who own them.

The dolls are wearing glittering kimonos which are a Heian period court costume.

Here are some things parents with daughters should be aware of.

They put away Hina Ningyo as soon as Hinamatsuri is over. 


Because it is believed that if people put away Hina Ningyo too late, the girl will get married late in the future.

Fathers who don't want to send their daughters off as brides may keep the dolls on display forever...?🫢



Other famous meals eaten on this day are chirashizushi.

Chirashi-zushi is a kind of sushi with many scattered toppings on vinegared rice. Toppings for chirashi-zushi are, for example, shrimps, lotus roots, beans, salmon roe and so on.

It's very gorgeous and perfect for a handsome girl's celebration.


Wishing happiness to all the girls in the world… 💕

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