3 Reasons Why you should buy an Ever Grater

3 Reasons Why you should buy an Ever Grater


Our new product, the Ever Grater was made after comparing more than 300 kinds of grater.

We will share with you the 3 most attractive features of the Ever Grater.


1 We have mastered the task of grating food "fluffy"!

Do you think that all graters are the same?

In fact, the taste, flavor, softness, and size of the result will be completely different depending on the grater used, even with the same ingredients.

The blade of the Ever Grater is not sharp and is relatively flat. This is because the lower the rise of the blade, the weaker the resistance, and thus the finer the food can be grated. The blade is made with a precision of 0.01 mm. This is because if the blade is too close to a flat surface, the food will slide around and cannot be grated. The Ever Grater is a product that is made with a focus on the very edge of the line. This blade is the secret to the ultimate fluffy grating of all kinds of ingredients.


2 Size of "that smartphone"!

When you first see this Ever Grate in person, you will be amazed at how compact it is. And when you hold it, you will be even more surprised. It fits perfectly in your hand. In fact, this size is modeled after the famous "iPhone 6. It is neither too big nor too small, making it an easy size for anyone to hold.

It will not interfere with valuable storage space in the kitchen.


3 Easy to clean!

Although the grater is not dishwasher or dryer safe, it is easy to clean. To make it easier for grated food to fall down, the Ever Grater has holes drilled as large as possible in relation to the sturdiness of the grater's plate.

Not only does the food fall down easily, but when washing, the food is less likely to get tangled in the blade, and can be quickly rinsed off using only the water flow of a household kitchen tap.

If it is easy to wash, there is no stress not only during use but also afterwards. Even the design is perfect to ensure that you can continue to use it comfortably.

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♡Recommended Ingredients♡

Cheese, garlic, ginger, chocolate, almonds, carrots, horseradish, butter.

This one will make your daily meals more enjoyable and tasty.

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