Like a jewel! Best 5 Cream Sodas

Like a jewel! Best 5 Cream Sodas

There is a drink that has long been a favorite of people in Japan. 

It is “cream soda”.

Ice cream on top of sweet soda is generally called cream soda.

The most common is melon cream soda. It has a cool, refreshing green color that even brightens one's mood. It is no exaggeration to say that everyone in Japan must have had it at least once in their childhood.

In recent years, it has continued to advance. It looks more fancy and tastes great.

In this issue, we will introduce five cafes where you can enjoy such cream soda.


①うのまち珈琲店 @Tokyo Shibuya

It is a crystal clear cream soda.
It has a fruity flavor and is a drink you will want to drink up on a hot day💛
Try it while melting ice cream.


②サーティーンカフェ @ Tokyo Shinjuku


Cream soda with a clear blue sky ☁️!
A view like a clear blue sky fills the glass!
The blue part is made of jelly and its plumpness is very delicious.
It's sure to be a handsome photo-worthy drink.


③うたねこ堂 @ Kyoto
町家猫喫茶 うたねこ堂 京都本店 😸猫カフェと純喫茶☕️(@utanekodo) • Instagram写真と動画


So cute! The ice cream portion is shaped like a kitty cat!
Luxurious ice cream topped with French white chocolate!
 And there are actually cats in this cafe.


④喫茶River @ Nagoya
喫茶River/リバー(@kissa_river) • Instagram写真と動画


This cafe offers cream sodas in seven different colors!
It's very popular in Nagoya, and you may have to wait in line to get in.
If you can't decide which color cream soda you want, let's conquer all the colors and show off to your friends on SNS!


⑤喫茶ソワレ @Kyoto
喫茶ソワレ【京都河原町】公式サイト (

Finally, a little extra. 
At this cafe, you can enjoy not only delicious cream sodas, but also drinks with cute and colorful jellies. The retro atmosphere of the store is also very stylish. 
Where else in the world can you enjoy such a fancy beverage in a special atmosphere💎??

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