Learn with us : Bunka no hi

Learn with us : Bunka no hi

November 3 is Bunka no hi (Culture Day) in Japan.

It is a national holiday with the aim of "loving freedom and peace and promoting culture.



November 3 is the day when the Constitution of Japan was promulgated in 1946. Since the Constitution of Japan emphasizes peace and culture, November 3, the day of the promulgation, was made a national holiday as "Culture Day.


Related Events🎪

Order of Culture

The Order of Cultural Merit goes to individuals who have made outstanding achievements in the development and improvement of learning, the arts, and other fields. About five persons are selected each year. The awarding ceremony is held on November 3 at the Imperial Palace, and the order is presented directly by His Majesty the Emperor.

Persons of Cultural Merit

The Cultural Merit Award is a system for honoring those who have made particular achievements in the improvement and development of culture, and is granted a pension of ¥3,500,000 for life. About 15 persons are selected each year, and the award ceremony will be held on November 3.



Special Offers✨

Art Museums and Museums

Many art galleries and museums offer free admission or hold various events. Why not enjoy a unique way to spend "Culture Day"?

🎨️The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
Collection exhibitions are open to the public here for free!

🎨Yokohama Triennale
An international exhibition of contemporary art is held every three years in Yokohama. It is a pioneer of art festivals in Japan.

🎨National Museum of Western Art
Only the permanent exhibition is open to the public free of charge.


How was it?

Culture Day has been called the day of fine weather because of the many sunny days it has been celebrated. Because it is a national holiday, many couples choose this date for their wedding.

We do not know what the weather will be like this year, but we hope it will be sunny.

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