Top 5 Autumn Limited Edition Sweets in Tokyo

Top 5 Autumn Limited Edition Sweets in Tokyo

Autumn in Japan is the season of chestnuts. Sweets made with chestnuts appear as limited-time-only menus at various cafes and restaurants.

One of the most popular is a cake called Mont Blanc!

The official name of Mont Blanc is Mont Blanc aux marrons, which means "white mountain" in French.

There are many theories as to how the cake came to be named Mont Blanc, but most are named after a mountain called Mont Blanc in the Alps on the border of Italy and France. As the name suggests, the cake's form is somewhat like a mountain.

We will introduce some of the must-visit cafes or restaurants in Tokyo  in a ranking format.


No. 5 ANGELINA / Higashi-Ikebukuro
ANGELINA アンジェリー ナ | モンブランで有名なアンジェリーナ (


This is a long-established restaurant established in 1903. They stick to the authentic French taste, and their menu is the same as that of the store in Paris. Even though it is a cake, it does not use sponge, and the Mont Blanc with plenty of cream is exquisite! The marron paste, cream, and meringue are perfectly well-balanced.


No. 4 PAGLIACCIO / Marunouchi
パリアッチョ 丸の内仲通り | 際コーポレーション (


The restaurant is located in the heart of Marunouchi, a popular spot illuminated by lights in winter! You can enjoy Mont Blanc in elegance at this restaurant! The atmosphere of the store is also very nice. The fresh cream is made with a moderate sweetness, making it a must-try even for those who don't like cakes.


No.3 Mont Blanc STYLE / Yoyogi
Mont Blanc STYLE/モンブランスタイル公式サイト - モンブランスタイル/Mont Blanc STYLEのページ

 This is the only store in Japan that specializes in Japanese chestnuts! This store has a membership system. You can become a member only during the period when the store is recruiting members. It is very special, isn't it? This is the only place where you can enjoy the combination of Japanese and Western taste.


No. 2 A Tes Souhaits / Kichijoji
アテスウェイ アテスウェイホームページTOP - アテスウェイ 公式ホームページ (

The look of this cake is quite impressive! The tall marron paste is filled with fresh cream. Underneath is a meringue base of chestnuts and almonds. The fresh cream has a gentle flavor that goes perfectly with the chestnuts. This is a very popular store in Tokyo.


No. 1 栗歩 / Asakusa


At this store, you can enjoy matcha-flavored Mont Blanc! The matcha used is Uji matcha from Kyoto. Enjoy the best combination of high-grade matcha and Japanese chestnuts! Not only is it delicious, but when you order a cake, they squeeze the matcha paste right in front of you. It is a delightful performance, isn't it? It is crowded even on weekdays, so be sure to go with plenty of time to spare.

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