Best 5 Matcha Desserts in Asakusa Tokyo

Best 5 Matcha Desserts in Asakusa Tokyo

Matcha lovers, gather around!

Matcha is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. There is a place in Japan where you can find a variety of delicious matcha-based sweets and drinks. 

It is Asakusa! 

Asakusa is a very popular area for young and old alike. It is a must-see for anyone who wants to go on a matcha tour!



It is a new store opened in 2022 and gained popularity mainly among young people through SNS. The signature menu item is matcha crème brûlée. It is made with Kakegawa matcha, a famous high-grade matcha tea. The sticky dough is filled with matcha ice cream, strawberries, matcha cream, and other ingredients. The sweetness is moderate, so you will never get bored of eating it until the end.



Here you can enjoy desserts made with shiratama. In addition to matcha, you can choose from a variety of other flavors such as kinako (soybean flour) and mitarashi (sweet sake). The most popular matcha shiratama is served with shiromitsu (white sugar syrup). The rich and fragrant matcha powder combined with the sticky shiratama and sweet shiromitsu makes for an exquisite dish. The store is very popular, so be prepared to wait in line!



This is a store where you can enjoy the "world's richest matcha gelato".

It is made with high-grade matcha from a tea garden that has won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award. You can choose the intensity of the matcha. There are levels from 1 to 7, so please enjoy the matcha that best suits your mood that day! We hope you will try to compare matcha and find the matcha intensity you like best!



The most popular menu item here is Uji Matcha Tiramisu served in a square. You can enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich flavor. Of course, tiramisu is not the only thing on the menu. There is also a wide selection of ice cream and drinks made with Uji matcha. Please enjoy Uji matcha to your heart's content in a space filled with Japanese hospitality!



Here you can taste freshly made matcha. The store's specialty is "the richest matcha green tea in the universe”!  The toppings, which feature a cute bear, can be added as many as you like for 50 yen each. Enjoy the rich flavor of freshly made matcha and the adorable desserts♡

Now you have found that Asakusa is a fierce battleground for matcha! There are many other stylish cafes in Asakusa! It is definitely a sightseeing spot that you should visit at least once. We hope you will take a look at them for reference.

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