The center of otaku and anime culture in the world

The center of otaku and anime culture in the world

Do you like anime? 

Do you have a favorite anime character?

Have you ever wished you could meet the character of your dreams at least once in your life?

If there is a sacred place that can fulfill such a wish of yours, this is the place.




Sometime Japanese call it “Akiba”

Anime fans from all over the world try to come here at least once a lifetime.


What's so great about it?


Once you get off at JR Akihabara Station, you will know. Feel like you're already in a different world. It is filled with stores selling goods of anime characters that can only be purchased here. 


As far as your eyes can see, the area is filled with electronics stores, anime-related stores, and game centers. You wonder how many years it would take me to conquer all the stores here. I promise, you could spend all day here and never get bored. 


For example, there are stores that only have "Gacha-gacha"machines.

You can put coins in the machine, twist the lever, and a toy comes out. What comes out is a surprise. It is called "Gacha-gacha," in Japan. 


The variety is endless! They range from cartoons to food to animal toys.


When you go to a karaoke box, your favorite character might be all over the wall...?



The most famous store is probably "Radio Kan.


The shop offers not only anime goods, but also goods of popular Japanese idols. Even if you are not interested in this culture, you will be amazed at the variety and the products you will not find anywhere else.

Why don't you go and experience a unique culture?

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