5 Trivia for Enjoying Japanese Sake

5 Trivia for Enjoying Japanese Sake

Here are some must-know tidbits about sake for the beginner.

First of all, what are the ingredients of sake? Let us start with the basics.

The ingredients for sake are basically very simple: rice, water, and rice koji (fermented starch-converting bacteria that attach to steamed rice and convert it into sugar). The quality of the ingredients, however, determines the taste of sake. The rice used for sake brewing is called sake rice, which is larger than the rice normally eaten and has a high starch content at its center.

Another essential ingredient in sake brewing is water, which makes up 80% of the sake. Most sake breweries are located in areas blessed with delicious, clean and soft water.

1. How many different brands of sake are there?💡

    Currently, there are approximately 1,400 sake breweries in Japan; the number of brands fluctuates each year, but each brewery usually sells several brands, so the variety of brands is estimated to be around 10,000. There are many breweries that offer tastings and tours, so there are plenty of people who come for sightseeing and to tour the various breweries!

    2. "Dry" sake is the best for sushi🍣

      Regardless of the type of fish, dry sake is the best to go with sushi in general. Dry sake with a clean, dry taste allows you to enjoy the fresh and delicate flavors of the ingredients. You may even want to try comparing the sake that goes well with your favorite sushi items!

      3. Sake contains many ingredients that are good for the skin✨

      In fact, it has long been known that sake is good for skin.In fact, it has long been known that sake is good for skin.

      There are well-known stories that sake brewers have beautiful hands due to the beauty effects of sake, and that apprentice geisha in the past, used to apply sake to their necks and hands, had fine, moist, white skin. More recently, major cosmetics and sake manufacturers have introduced a number of sake-infused cosmetics, and the beauty benefits of sake are attracting more and more attention.

      4. Non-alcoholic sake is available🍶

      Non-alcoholic beer and cocktails are easily available in Japan. Even people who are not good at drinking alcohol and pregnant women can easily enjoy these drinks. And even non-alcoholic sake is available. It is not easy to make non-alcoholic sake because sake has alcohol in it, which is what makes its unique sharpness and aroma stand out. However, the company's efforts were made with the hope that "people who cannot drink alcohol can also enjoy sake. Currently, 福光屋 "Fukumitsuya" and 月桂冠"Gekkeikan" are selling the product.

      5. Sake and Natto never get along well😖

        Natto is a fermented food that is very familiar to Japanese people. However, people who work in sake breweries do not eat natto during the sake making process. The reason for this is that the natto bacteria interfere with the microorganisms necessary for sake brewing. And once the natto bacillus has been introduced, it cannot be removed. It's amazing how much care they put into what they eat in order to make good sake!

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