5 Reasons : Why Choose Paulownia Products

5 Reasons : Why Choose Paulownia Products

Paulownia is a type of wood. In Japan, people have long been familiar with paulownia wood, and it has been used for various furniture such as chests, chairs and daily necessities. Paulownia wood not only creates a sense of luxury, but also has very superior characteristics. Here are five reasons why paulownia wood has long been loved and its characteristics.


Resistant to water and humidity

Paulownia wood is resistant to water and humidity and suppresses the formation of mold. Paulownia wood absorbs moisture in a humid space and expels it when the humidity is low, thereby regulating the humidity in the space. In Japan, humidity rises in June and the weather becomes damp. Paulownia wood is resistant to such an environment and has long been valued for its suitability as furniture.


 Prevent mold

Paulownia wood contains an ingredient called sesamin, which helps prevent the formation of mold. In Japan, where humidity is high and mold tends to occur, this is a very positive benefit. Furthermore, the sesamin component also has the effect of inhibiting decay, making paulownia wood a suitable material for furniture that will be used carefully for a long time.


High fire resistance and heat insulation

One of the characteristics of paulownia wood material is that it has high heat insulation properties and is flame resistant. This means that even if a fire should break out, it will not spread and damage can be minimized. The older paulownia wood gets, the more fireproof it becomes, making it a suitable material for long-lasting household items.



Paulownia wood is one of the softest and most comfortable woods to the touch. It is also gentle to the skin, making it especially suitable for little children and those with back pain. With its warmth, paulownia wood is useful in all aspects of the home. It is also gaining popularity recently as a DIY material due to its ease of handling.



Among the many types of wood, paulownia wood is said to be the lightest in Japan and the second lightest in the world. Paulownia wood is light and very soft because it grows very fast and spreads its large leaves. Because it grows so fast, it contains a lot of water, so when it is cut down and dried, it becomes a very light wood. Some people are concerned about its fragility because of this, but it is one of the least strong woods in circulation. Items made of paulownia wood are easy and convenient to carry.

Now you want to have a lot of them!

At iimono, we have just introduced new products made of paulownia wood!

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Sake cup

Cutting Board

Coffee Bean Pot

Bread Box

All of these products are made of paulownia wood from Mishima, Fukushima prefecture Japan.

The material of paulownia depends on the region where it is grown. It is said that the paulownia wood from Mishima city is the best in Japan, and among craftsmen in the old days, using paulownia wood from Mishima was one of the status quo. The paulownia wood produced here is tight and firm, and the luster after finishing is completely different from that of other paulownia wood.

Why not incorporate products made from such traditional paulownia wood into your daily life?


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