Do you know what “Izakaya” is?

The Japanese word izakaya (居酒屋) is made up of three Kanji-chinese characters- with the meaning, in order, “stay-drink-place.” 

It is gradually becoming popular in the United States where one enjoys mainly sake and food to go with it.

Each restaurant has different pricing and different types of food, so you can choose what kind of izakaya you want to go to depending on your mood at the time. The good thing about izakaya is that they can accommodate a variety of situations, such as after work, dinner with friends, or on a date.

Now, we would like to introduce such Japanese izakaya culture with photos.

Usually, Japanese people  will start with a toast. Don’t forget to say “Kanpai”

Many people prefer beer for the first drink. Start with beer for now and choose your favorite drink after the second glass.


The most attractive feature of izakaya is their food. Because of the high competition, the owners devise their menus with ingenuity.

This is fresh chicken. In Japan, you can eat fresh chicken sashimi. They are really really good.

And of course, sushi!

This is also one of the standard izakaya menu items,” chanja”. It is a dish of salted cod stomach and intestines marinated in a chili-based seasoning.

There's even fried food! Shrimp, asparagus, beef. Anything and everything is available.


Don't worry, they have classic french fries as well.

Even the menu is cute and handwritten. You will be excited about what to order.

And of course, finish it off with ochazuke!


And when the bill is done you will say,  'What do you want to do for the second one?'

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