What is “Komebitsu”?  Why do we need it?

“Komebitsu” is a storage container for raw (uncooked) rice grains.

In fact, raw rice is a very delicate food. If the storage environment is bad, the taste goes bad immediately. The rice bag has small holes (air holes) to improve ventilation, so if the bag is left as it is, moisture will enter and the rice will oxidize. Moisture also causes mold to grow, making it easier for pests to invade through the air holes. The great enemies of rice are "moisture and insects." In order to protect the rice from these things, a special storage container "Komebitsu" is needed.            

iimono carries a “Komebitsu” made of paulownia wood without using any metal fittings such as nails. Paulownia is a material that has excellent storability and is highly moisture-proof and insect-proof. Since static electricity is less likely to occur, dust and rice lees are less likely to collect in the rice bowl and rice can be sealed and stored cleanly.


The best way to cook rice!

Our product “Kamado-san” is absolutely essential to cook delicious rice. It has a double lid and made thicker than other rice cookers.  

1. Place drained rice and water in the clay pot "Kamado-san" and wait for 20 minutes.     

*Please follow instructions in the instruction manual for rice to water ratio.

2. Set it on "Kamado-san" so that the holes in the middle lid and upper lid are at right angles. Placing the holes at right angles will put a moderate amount of pressure on the rice.

3. No need to adjust the fire. Keep it on medium high heat. You can cook other dishes while waiting.

4. About after 10 minutes, steam will come out from the holes in the upper lid. When this steam bursts out vigorously, it's a sign of boiling.

5. After boiling, wait for 1-2 minutes and turn off the heat.

6. After turning off the heat, just wait for 20 minutes, and its ready to serve!

The rice tends to become fluffy and shiny! It’s amazingly delicious! It can also be used for other purposes, such as making soup, stew, or hot pot. Our” Kamado-san” is not only great as an everyday cooking tool but also makes a beautiful presentation at the dinner table.


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