Don’t miss our offer, the biggest discount ever!

Don’t miss our offer, the biggest discount ever!

iimono has a special offer for you at the beginning of the year!

It's a HAPPY BAG filled with items that the iimono staff is proud to present to you!

We are so happy to offer you two types of bags, small and large.

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First of all, here is the small lineup,

Let me introduce a petty knife from the very popular GOKADEN knife series first! These knives made in Japan, are not only sharp, but are also made with great attention to fit and stability when held in the hand.  The petty knife allows you to cut small vegetables and fruits quickly and easily. We recommend using it together with the hinoki cutting board. Both are compact in size and easy to wash by hand, they are an essential set for your busy life. The soup bowl features a shape and color that we are very proud of. The warm design allows you to use this bowl for many kinds of soup any season year round! And then, the Enamel Couleur SaucePan from Noda Horo!  It can be held easily and conveniently with one hand. And what's more, look at this cute form. Just having one of these in your kitchen will make it more stylish! The Happy Bag Small is the perfect size, not too big. They are very easy to use! They can be used by a wide range of people, from those who are good at cooking to those who are not so good.

Next, here is the large lineup,

Here we have a Santoku knife from GOKADEN series. Santoku knives are a must have for daily home cooking which translates as 'three uses', are perfect for household use and can be used for meat, fish, vegetables, anything! These knives should be used together with a hinoki cutting board. Not only does the hinoki cutting board look elegant, but it also acts as a cushion when the blade hits it, so it won't damage the knife.

Lastly, let me introduce Enamel Kettle from Noda Horo which is very popular all over the world. The simple and presentable appearance and gentle, mellow coloring. The design, usability, and ease of washing are all carefully considered. With these three items, you can completely upgrade the atmosphere of your kitchen.

These happy bags are filled with iimono’s best products. We are offering the biggest discount price ever. Please don't miss this chance to join our great campaign!

We at iimono hope we can help make your everyday life better this year too……


Click here to buy,sales begin at 10am ☞ NEW – iimono

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