Japan, the top country for healthy life expectancy. Why?

Japan, the top country for healthy life expectancy. Why?

There is a Japanese tradition of eating "Nanakusa-Gayu" (seven herb rice porridge) on January 7 to wish for the health and longevity of your loved ones.

It is a healthful dish of rice porridge mixed with seven herbs. Then, what are the seven herbs? Those are seven seasonal herbs.

The seven are celeriac, nasturtium, gingko, chervil, hothouse honeysuckle, tinctoria, and tinctoria.

They are good for the stomach and intestines.

Let's make Nanakusa-Gayu using our very popular product, Kamado-san!

Very easy to make! Please give it a try!

<Ingredients> For 2 servings

◆ 65g rice 

◆ 500ml water 

◆ 1 teaspoon salt 

◆ Seven herbs 

1.Wash rice and drain off water.

2.Put rice and water into "Kamado-san" and soak for 20 minutes. 

3.Boil the seven herbs quickly, squeeze out the water, and chop them into bite-size pieces. 4.Set the top lid (do not use the middle lid) and cook on medium-high gas heat for 13-15 minutes. 

*After about 10 minutes, steam will spout out of the hole in the top lid. 

Be careful not to let it spurt out. Turn off the heat, stir once with the lid open, cover and steam for 25 minutes, then add the 7 herbs from 3 and steam for another 3 minutes. 

5.Add salt as you like.


Rice porridge cooked in the "Kamado-san" is fluffy to the core and tender because of the effect of far-infrared rays.

Kamado-san can be used not only for cooking rice, but also for various other applications. 

It will be your long-term partner!


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