We can actually go to the world of popular Japanese anime!

We can actually go to the world of popular Japanese anime!

Before describing Ghibli Park, let me briefly explain what "Ghibli" is. 

In 1985, an animation studio called “Studio Ghibli'' was established. As a rule, Studio Ghibli produces only feature-length animated films for movie theaters, and only original films. I can say this is unique in the world. The studio's numerous productions are known as "Ghibli" (each of them has its own title), and are representative of Japanese animation and have made the history of animation. For Japanese people, growing up watching Ghibli movies is a natural thing; Definitely they are a part of their lives.      For example, one of the best-known animated films is “My Neighbor Totoro”. Even though it was released more than 30 years ago, it is still loved by the children of today, and the main character "Ghost Totoro," is still so popular that original goods are being sold at a bunch of stores. If you have a chance to run into a person who was born and raised in Japan, ask them if they know Totoro. Probably 99.9% of them will answer they know! No matter how much the times have changed, there is something secret about Ghibli's movie that draws people in through the ages. Even the movies you saw as a child can have a different perspective when you become an adult, and you will discover something new every time you watch “Ghibli”. I highly recommend that you actually see and experience the world of Ghibli.

So, Ghibli is opening a theme park on November 1, 2022! 

This is not an amusement park, it represents the world of Ghibli. The website also says, " There are no big attractions or rides in Ghibli Park.Take a stroll, feel the wind, and discover the wonders."  The description states. What secrets can we discover? Let's get some information from the official websites that are already available to the public. 

This Ghibli Park is said to be divided into 5 areas. In each area, the world of Ghibli's masterpieces is recreated. 

The Hill of Youth → "Whisper of The Heart",  "The Cat Returns”

Ghibli's Grand Warehouse:→"Castle in the Sky," "My Neighbor Totoro," "Spirited Away,"  and "Arrietty the Borrower 

Mononoke  Village → “Princess Mononoke”

Valley of  Witches→ “Howl's Moving Castle, “Kiki's Delivery Service”

Dondoko Forest→"My NeighborTotoro”

For example, My Neighbor Totoro is located in "Dondoko Forest". Looking at the website, It seems that there is a house that the main characters Mei and Satsuki actually live in! Even the inside of the house, including the garden where they picked up acorns and their father's office, has been faithfully recreated. The perfection is quite amazing!!! Not only for Ghibli fans, but even those who are unfamiliar with the movies will be able to enjoy the park's somewhat unrealistic and mysterious worldview. There are also other exhibits of popular characters and places where the secrets of the production are displayed. Since Ghibli is very popular around the world, this park is expected to be crowded, but this is definitely one of the places you should visit in Japan!

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