Best deal ever Japan Trip!

What is there in America that Japan does not have? It may come as a surprise to those who living in the United States, but there is no tipping culture in Japan. Even if you eat at a restaurant or receive some service, you can just pay the fee and tax. That’s it!  So, is the quality of service low because you don't have to pay a tip? No, not at all. Japan is well known as a country with high hospitality. In Japan, the customer is valued. There is a recognition that it is natural to do so. In most cases, the waiters, clerks, cashiers, and customer staff are trained to serve customers politely and they pay close attention while serving customers. Even if there is no tip for the work, you are expected to do your best at the workplace.           

You can also eat meals that are normally expensive in the US at a low price in Japan. A typical example is fresh fish (Sushi or Sashimi). There are many sushi restaurants in America but you'll be surprised at how delicious and fresh the sushi you eat in Japan is. Japanese people are very picky about their food, so the quality of the food is relatively high.  And now, with the strong USD and weak JPY, it's a great deal to travel to Japan. For example, in America, two pieces of sushi cost about $3. In Japan, you can eat this for about 110 including tax. If you convert this 110 to $ at the current rate, it will be about 85 cents!  In this way, when you go to Japan, you can enjoy delicious food and shopping while feeling good. Currently, restrictions on immigration to Japan for foreigners have been eased considerably. Why don't you think about a great trip to Japan now?

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