Personal hygiene?

Are Japanese people big on personal hygiene?

It can be said that Japanese people like cleanliness in the world. As a token to that attribute, even in the city center of Japan, there is no litter scattered throughout the city and roads including public places are kept clean.  This seems to be one of the factors that foreigners visiting Japan are impressed with. So why do Japanese people have such a national trait? This is all due to the Japanese education system. In Japanese schools, cleaning time and what is called a cleaning duty are incorporated into the school curriculum. 

On an average school day, students always have time to clean the surroundings and the school building itself. Students are required to keep things clean by themselves and help keep their environment clean, these habits are part of Japanese children’s daily routine. Therefore, throwing away trash on the road is a very rude act and is not considered good behavior.

In addition, the restrooms in Japan are also clean and beautiful. In particular, the restrooms in shopping malls are always clean and the space itself is stylishly designed. For women, it has a separate powder room, which is a room for dressing and grooming. Japanese restrooms never make you feel uncomfortable at all.  In some countries, restrooms at sightseeing spots may charge an entrance fee but in Japan, restrooms in any place can be used free of charge. You can always rest assured that there is a clean toilet even when you are traveling. There is no doubt that you can travel comfortably!


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