Japan Bath Culture “Ofuro”

Japan Bath Culture “Ofuro”

Whether it's an apartment, a single family home, or a hotel you're traveling to, it's normal to have a bathtub for Japanese people. Especially in the “Ryokan(旅館)” -Japanese-style hotels, it is very natural that there is a bathtub separate from the shower. Japanese people heal their daily fatigue during bath time which makes it more special and an enjoyable experience.

Japanese people love a hot spring (Onsen) trip!


There are hot spring facilities in almost all prefectures in Japan. The effects of spring quality vary depending on the hot water that springs up. The health benefits of hot spring include recovery from various medical conditions and improved your health. The area around famous hot spring facilities is usually an Onsen town. The town sells local food, gifts, and has many Ryokans for visitors. You can find your ideal place to stay in an Onsen town. Try to wear a “Yukata”, take a walk and go around the hot springs! Also, it’s absolutely recommended that you eat both dinner and breakfast at the ryokan at least once. This is because a ryokan is the perfect place to taste “Washoku; the Japanese Traditional Food Culture” registered as the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.
Please be sure to include an Onsen trip in your bucket list!




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