Christmas gift from iimono for our precious customers🎁

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For seven days only, from December 25th through December 31st, 

Hope you enjoy our products!


Now, I would like to share with you a special trivia about Japanese Christmas🎄

Japan has their own unique culture that is different from that of the U.S. Christmas.

You will love more and be interested in Japan!

Christmas Cake🎂

We never miss it on Christmas day in Japan. It is decorated with a Santa made of sugar and lots of strawberries on top. It wouldn't be a real Christmas without eating it in Japan! At iimono, we have the perfect products for such a dessert. Why not make your table more special with our iimono's products?


*Salad Plate MINO WARE

*Acrylic Cutlery 3 Piece Set

*Cake Knife Nagomi


Placement of Santa's gifts🎁

Where does Santa put the gifts for children in Japan? Under the Christmas tree? Outside the front door? On the desk? ……. No, none of them are the right answer. The answer is right next to the pillow! 🛏 The first thing children see on Christmas morning is the Christmas gift from Santa. I'm sure he is probably very nervous not to wake them up😂Thank you Santa!



I'm going to reveal a Japanese secret here. On Christmas Day, there is something we want to eat more than sushi. It is Kentucky Fried Chicken! Can't explain why. But during this Christmas season, there are huge lines at every KFC store. No matter how long the line is, we can wait and still want to eat it.


Spend time with loved ones, not family💕

Christmas in Japan is the most romantic time of year. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the days for lovers. Rather than spending time with family, people give priority to spending time with their loved ones or friends.


How was that? 

We will continue to post iimono’s special offer, fun facts about Japan and so on…. Look Forward to it!  



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